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I am the eggman

February 9, 2009

Although I am beginning to feel a little more like the walrus every day, with my rapidly growing ovaries taking up more room than they fairly should. I can feel them bouncing about when I walk, which is odd!

So, the scan this morning showed a 19mm follie and several around the 16-17mm range, so I’ve been given the go ahead to egg collection on Thursday. Tonight is my final dose of Synarel and Puregon before the trigger injection tomorrow – it has to be a carefully timed 36-38 hours before the collection.

The reason for the extra day (although I have enough to trigger tonight) is that there are several smaller ones around the 15mm range, which they are going to try to grow up just a little more to get the numbers up. So at this point, I am taking bets on the total collected (answers on the back of an egg carton please):

0 – L’oeuf
2 – a dippy egg each
6 – Enough for a pav
12 – A family-sized Italian frittata
30 – the average clutch of a carpet python

In case you were following along, I’ve managed to shift my important meeting in Sydney to Wednesday, so that keeps me happy, while keeping my nurses happy. They weren’t at all keen on my flying the next day for some reason. I’ve heard that there is likely to be some pain and bleeding the next day, but also that for 24 hours I should not operate any heavy machinery ‘such as a car or a cooker’. I’m not entirely sure what they think I’m going to crash the cooker into, but under medical advice we’re getting takeaway that day.

Also, more excitingly, my new sofas arrive tomorrow, which were one of the ‘get ready for the misery of IVF’ things we did before Christmas, and I am thrilled that they are on schedule for what’s likely to be the least comfortable bit of the process.

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  1. February 10, 2009 12:08 pm

    I’m of course going with 9 – enough to feed Charles Saatchi for a day.

  2. February 10, 2009 6:41 pm

    goo goo g’joob

    All sounds great to me. I triggered with a heap at 16mm which all contained mature eggs by EPU.

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