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February 11, 2009

All went well with the trigger last night – very nervewracking, as it involved breaking into 3 glass ampules, mixing them together carefully and injecting with a proper syringe as opposed to the epipen setup. I had to make The Baron go away until I was ready to push the button, as I was so worried about making a mistake and missing our 7.30 deadline. But all good now! Apart from a golfball sized lump and a little stinging when it went in, everything went smoothly, and it’s now out of my hands. We check in tomorrow for day surgery at 8.

I had a little bit of a surprise when I asked the nurse when we’d be transferring (got to plan around my schedule, you see). She thinks that we have a very good chance of getting more than 4 embryos, which means we’ll proceed to grow them to blast stage (Tuesday transfer). “Embryos?” I questioned to myself. You see, this whole cycle up til now has seen me behaving like a battery hen, focused on maximum egg production, to give us the best chance at lots of tries. I really honestly was freaked out at the thought that this doesn’t end tomorrow – that tomorrow is really the start of it. Man, I’m all nervous now, glad they are not trusting me with any more needles!

I also have to say that my surprise also stems from being very distracted this past week. Our small aim at trying to produce life has been overshadowed by so much death around here from the bushfires. It’s dominating the news, and the scale is becoming more inconceivable each day. I don’t know anyone who’s become personally affected, but knowing that whole families have disappeared, that whole towns are lost, has been very distressing. It’s hard not to feel a little guilty that we’re carrying on with this, at a significant cost, while others are left with nothing. I guess nothing about that is new – there is always struggle and misery in the world – but it’s hard when it’s so close to home.

But then you see photos like this:

Sam the koala drinking after the bushfires

Sam the koala drinking after the bushfires

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  1. February 12, 2009 3:27 pm

    I’ve seen that photo everywhere – on all my vet sites, in the newspapers, on friend’s blogs…. still makes me get all teary every time!

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