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Double time

March 6, 2009

Test results today: hCG 6919 and progesterone of 247. Nice, solid results according to betabase with a doubling time of just under 35 hours, which makes me feel much better about having made an obstetrician appointment for when we get back from Cambodia, and already being booked into a hospital for delivery. Perhaps it’s just me, but the prize for me of IVF was simply getting a positive result – I haven’t gotten it into my head that the journey is just beginning.

For example, I can’t believe that at week 5 you are already expected to know what sort of birth you want, and how you want it all to go down. How are you expected to know? Public v private v home birth, obstetrician v private midwife v doula. And it doesn’t help that no side of the argument seems to be entirely impartial.

But I will go full support, at least this time around. Mum had two rather serious issues with my sister and my births, and I know enough women who eventually needed intervention that I will feel more comfortable going in that direction – and surely that’s all it’s about.

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  1. onepinkline permalink
    March 7, 2009 9:35 am

    Great news! Oh, and I had no idea you need to know those things so quickly…given how long we’ve been trying to get a baby in there, you think they’d give you more time to decide how to get it out.

  2. March 7, 2009 4:37 pm

    Funny how at this end all you want is for the wee blob to stay in there, and at the other end, all you’ll want is for it to come out again.
    Glad to hear my niephling appears to be impressed with the accommodation so far 🙂

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