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A few of my favourite things

May 29, 2009

I’ve been told by people at work that I am the most organised pregnant woman they have ever known. Week 17 and we have painted the nursery, bought the cot, pram and baby seat, have a complete wardrobe for the first 6 months and have a birth plan all ready. In fact, the only thing still needing to be sorted is a bath (keeping an eye out for a Tummy Tub on Ebay), and cloth nappies which I will arrange during the Melbourne Baby Expo in October when there should be some deals.

Does this seem too early to be all done?

But then again, I do want to have everything sorted now, so that when I get a little bigger and more tired, I won’t have to do anything. And on the plus side, we’ve been buying things now during the winter sales, which is bringing our costs down a lot.

So here are my favourite things which we have purchased, mainly for me, which are making this pregnancy more comfortable.

– I’ve started sleeping on my left side as recommended (how about that for a design flaw in the human body!), and was waking with a sore hip and lower back. The Snoogle (or the Google, as we have been calling it based on it’s G shape) has been fantastic (if you ignore the rather dubious photos of this product!), and will also be great to use when breastfeeding once Peanut’s here.
Hot Milk Lingerie
I’ve already gone up 2-3 cup sizes (did you know there was a size above E??), and welcomed the chance to get into a more comfortable bra – but was really disappointed in the Plain Jane options available. As if you’re not feeling unattractive enough at this point! But I came across this NZ company called Hot Milk, which make really sexy looking lingerie, which also feels fantastic to wear. It’s not cheap, but with options for both maternity and feeding bras, I figure I’ll be wearing them for the next year at least, so it seems worthwhile to me.


Jeans West Jeans
So what I spent on bras, I’ve saved on jeans – 2 pairs of maternity jeans for $99, from the store that’s in every mall around. They are really comfortable (I love they way they pull on like trackies!), come in 2 styles, and can’t be distinguished from normal jeans, other than the banding at the very top above the waistband. Even The Baron was amazed that they were mat jeans.

Leka wooden baby gym

And one for Peanut – our nursery is decorated in what we call Scandinavian Modern – which I guess other people may call Ikea. But Ikea has some of the best things for babies, and I love the simple timeless look of this play gym, without all of the bells and whistles of those from other toy stores.


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  1. Roo'sMumma permalink
    June 12, 2009 12:01 pm

    Dammit….I searched and searched for a arched playgym like this for Roo to use with the bouncinette. We’d borrowed something similar with Cody and I used to park him in the bathroom on the bouncer with the arch in front of him to bat at. Needless to say I didn’t find one for Roo and needless to say it didn’t really matter in the end, but good to know they’re out there!

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