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3 months post

February 5, 2010

I have sorely ignored this blog, and I do mean to make it up, if only so that Lady G has a complete record of her journey. She’s 3 months old, but in my mind this is month for celebrating as well. Last year at this time, we were facing the unknown of our first cycle, and now we have a happy, placid and totally amazing little bee in our house, who has been a joy since the moment she was born.

I stopped blogging midway through my pregnancy, simply because everything seemed so mundane. A perfectly average pregnancy, a perfectly average growing fetus – exactly what I wanted, and there didn’t seem to be anything special to write about. But yesterday at a Mums’ morning tea the fact that Lady G was IVF came up, and it seemed to mean so much to the others that I was honest about the fact – one lady even mentioned that she shared the news of her birth with her friends, parents of a son who was about to go through the process with his wife, to demonstrate that this process does work.

That made me remember how I looked for blogs with stories that had happy endings – I took strength from those who had been though much more than I had, and had come through with either the child they wanted, or a positive outlook on the journey. So, it seemed to me that I needed to continue this both for our little bee, and for those still searching for their own.

I don’t think I’ll backdate any posts, but I will post her birth story, so that I don’t forget any details in the future.

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