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We’ll eat eggs for breakfast

February 6, 2010

In six days time, a year ago, we went through the egg retrieval and fertilization that ultimately resulted in the happy arrival of Lady G (and 3 less resilient siblings who didn’t make it past 3 days).  I feel like it would be right to mark the day in a special way for her, as a sort of  birthday or anniversary – after all, how many kids know the exact day they were made?  The Baron secretly thinks I’m crazy, although he’s not letting on.

But I do want her to grow up proud and unashamed of the circumstances of her conception, and to me, this seems like one of the ways we could do this.  Google ‘Explaining IVF to your child’ and you get 265,000 results, from books to helpsites, so it seems to me that I’m not the only one wanting to get this right.

The complication is that many people are against IVF for a variety of reasons, and the temptation is there to not make a big deal about it to protect her from the barbs and thoughtless comments of others.  And yet, dammit I’m proud of what her Dad and I went through to get her, and I want her to know how much she was wanted.

I’m not sure how you celebrate something like this though (although I am a firm believer that cake is right for any occasion!).  Perhaps we’ll just go out for eggs.

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