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Dream feed – take 2

February 7, 2010

We have been blissfully lucky with Lady G, who has pretty much slept from 10-6 since she was 6 weeks old.    At times this was down to clusterfeeding which saw me basically glued to the sofa for 3 hours, tossing her from boob to boob like some sort of juggling trick.  But in the past week or two this has dropped off, and she’s now starting to crash around 7pm.  Which is good – except she’s now waking after her standard 8 hours at 4am which I could do without.

So tonight we’re going to try a dream feed.  This boils down to what sounds like a rather delicate manouver – at around 10pm I need to pick her up, without waking her, and get her to feed before putting her back down.  In theory this will top her up enough to get her through the night, while giving me a good night’s sleep.

We tried this a few weeks back, but, like my one day effort with ‘Save Our Sleep‘, she was impossible to stir – I jabbed her a few times ineffectually with a nipple before deciding it was a wasted effort.  From what I’ve read, this should work better now she’s a little older, as apparently babies under 10 weeks sleep too deeply for the feeding reflex to react.

However (and I’m beginning to learn that for all parenting techniques there is always a ‘however’) the key is for her not to wake up.  If she does, she may begin to get a feed/sleep association, and lose her so far (fingers crossed) great ability to self-settle herself to sleep.  So I’m trepidatious about this evening – it make work brilliantly, or exacerbate a situation which is not really that big a problem anyway.  We’ll see tomorrow I guess!

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