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The little infanta

February 9, 2010

Lady G is now 3 months old, officially now an infant, not a newborn.  And with that, I mourn the passing of some of the cutest things.  For instance, her feet and legs no longer tuck up fetal like – it seems the imprinted memory of her being inside me is fading, and I have to confess it has for me as well.   I’m still carrying a couple of extra kg, but my body has rebounded and I look at myself every so often and try to work out how she was ever inside.

I’ll miss the comedic faces she used to pull as she drifted in and out of sleep.  She’s replaced that instead with almost constant smiling, which is near impossible to capture with a camera as she becomes incredibly focused and serious anytime a lens is pointed towards her.  My baby’s growing up, sob!  (Just imagine what I’ll be like when she graduates uni!).

But, here’s what she’s up to instead.  At 3 months Lady G can:

  • Sleep through the night (10-6).
  • Settle herself to sleep.
  • Roll over from front to back.
  • Smile and go through the motions of giggling (action, no sound).
  • Recognise her Daddy and I from across the room.
  • Hold her head steady when sitting or being held upright.
  • Grip and wave – basically anything that comes in the vicinity – rattles, Mummy’s hair, it doesn’t matter!
  • Hold her head at 90 deg when doing tummy time.

Pretty much standard stuff.  and as she stretches her wings as a new little person,  here’s her favourite things:

  • Pants Off Friday (which can be on any day) – we’re making the most of the warm weather and lying her out in the shade.  She wriggles and points her toes and smiles and delights in being a nudie girl.
  • Mr Bug, who sits above her change table and is aways there to entertain.
  • TV in the mornings with Daddy – as the Baron catches up on the Italian soccer results, Lady G sits on his lap and stares besottedly at the screen.
  • The Milk Lady (that’s me) – who she probably loves for the yummy milky goodness right now – but one day soon will love simply because I’m Mummy.  I’m looking forward to that day!

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  1. onepinkline permalink
    February 11, 2010 3:16 pm

    Ah – so glad to see you’re back. Have been wondering is all was well. Congratulations! She’s stunning. Can’t wait hear more.

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