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All you need is one

February 12, 2010

What a lot can happen in a year.  On this day last year I went into day surgery for my egg collection with high hopes – we looked like we had around 10-12 really good looking follies, and I was convinced we had our complete family all there for the picking.  I came to from the anaesthetic and saw the number of eggs retrived written on my patient care sheet – 4.  At this I became inconsolable.  I know ‘they’ say that all you need is one, but knowing the odds of fertilisation (50-75%) and cycle success (25-55%), I was pretty sure that that was it for us, particularly when we found out that only one had made it to the blastocyst stage.  But that one strong, healthy embie smiled at me in delight this morning when we woke up, and fell asleep in my arms this afternoon.  And it’s true – all you need is one.  Love you G!

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