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Crafty mummy

March 7, 2010

The only class at school that I ever got a detention for was grade 6 sewing.  Other than a few random attempts since then, I’ve bought, rather than created.  But with time on my hands and a model who won’t be able to tell on me for several years yet, I’m trying my hand at some craft projects and finding it surprisingly fun.  While we were waiting for the Bee to be born I crocheted her a baby blanket (it’s my gift of choice for only very close family and friends – has to be since it takes me all of 6 months to complete!). I’ve also received a lot of complements about the mei tai sling I made using some Amy Butler fabric and this pattern.

My latest very simple project is a pair of baby legwarmers, from Prudent Baby.  It’s been very warm here during the day still, but the mornings are beginning to have a chill, and I wanted something for Lady G to wear during her morning calisthenics.   These would cost around $17 if I bought them, and this pair came from a pair of Country Road socks for $6.  It’s a bargain (as long as you don’t look too closely at the detail!  But good enough for my bee, and it means she can have several pairs to match her outfits.  (I’m in fierce love with the Umi shoes at Prudent baby as well – searching for a supplier that won’t charge me as much as the shoes again to ship to Australia!)

(Don’t you just love the toes?  Like little pink peas…)

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  1. katery permalink
    March 8, 2010 6:56 am

    SO cute, the toes AND the socks.

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