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The golden ticket

March 19, 2010

The Baron had an exciting day today when we got to visit Dry River winery.  It’s the Willie Wonka’s of vineyards – it produces exceptional wine, but is closed to the public and for years, just like Charlie, I’ve past it and wondered what it would be like inside.  But thanks to The Baron’s trade connections, today we got the golden ticket to enter the gates.  At which point the bee woke from her slumber having slept all the way from Wellington and decided she wanted a drink too.  This meant I missed the tour of the vines and I ended up only getting a little peek at the 20 or so barrels that contain all of this year’s pinot vintage.  Ah well!

It’s been a big day for Lady G as well.  Today at exactly 5.30pm she discovered her own golden ticket, in her tongue, which Mummy has been trying to get her to find for the past few weeks.  She then proceeded to display it to anyone who would look  for the next 2 hours, only ceasing when she was put to bed.  Very exciting, as this is a big step to talking and eating solids, but – and love my baby as I do – I have to be honest and say it’s not her best look.

I’ll perhaps talk about it more closer to the time, but we’re going to be trying baby-led weaning with Lady G (in simple terms giving pieces of solid food, rather than purees).  When we start is meant to be driven by her development, so we’re watching closely for cues such as tongue control (check today!), interest in what we’re eating (check), lessening of tongue thrust reflex (check), holding food and moving to her mouth (check – sort of) and sitting on her own (not a chance).

I reckon she’ll be good to go sometime in the next month or so, which will be great, albeit a little messy.  Any suggestions about how to negotiate this next step will be gratefully received!

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