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Backwards and in heels

March 24, 2010
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Back in Wellington after a few days visiting friends up in Taupo during which time I’ve been without internet access, so have missed pretty much all of ICLW – I promise to do better next time!

Can I just say that infants travel like a dream?  Or maybe it was just my infant. but Lady G slept pretty much the whole 5 hours up and down (regularly heralded by Nonna in the backseat: “Lei dorme!”)  Regardless, it’s made me decide that we’ll schedule another trip across the ditch on frequent flier miles sooner rather than later in the year like I was planning, as this restful traveller is supposed to become far more fractious as she gets more mobile.

Another reason why a second trip would be good is that I’ve not really had the holiday I was hoping for.  The Two Nonnies have been very demanding in terms of time and effort which has meant The Baron and I haven’t really had any time to ourselves, and it’s been difficult to meet up with people like we would do if we didn’t have them with us.    Because we’ve been trying to show them the best that NZ has to offer, I’ve been particularly conscious of how little I am doing these days just for myself – all effort has either been spent on keeping the Bee happy, or The Nonnies entertained.

I know that this is all part of motherhood.  But when you consider that I’m also co-ordinating two other dependents and doing this mostly in Italian – like Ginger Rogers who did everything Fred Astaire did (but backwards and in heels) I’m definitely ready for a break!

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  1. March 24, 2010 11:26 pm

    It gets easier … once they’re out of diapers and can walk, it’s like traveling with a small adult. 😉 You’ll be biking in no time! Thanks for visiting … and hope you get a well-deserved break!

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