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A bigger part of this world

March 29, 2010

Lady G seems to have started teething – she’s constantly chewing on her index finger, and the drool is to the point that a bib is required.  I’m wondering if this explains her upset sleeping patterns – our 7-6 baby is now a 7-4 again, and she’s not sleeping any more than 45 minutes during the day, and is now having 4 short sleeps rather than the 2 long ones I had her on before we went to NZ.

Perhaps it’s just the travel that’s upset her routine, the teeth, or maybe it’s just that she’s suddenly become more aware of things going on around her?

This has been happening increasingly for weeks.  Suddenly feeds in crowded places have become impossible, and she’s discovered the game of hide and seek when feeding (burying her face in my chest, then looking up and grinning), which is adorable, albeit slows down the process considerably!

And the other day when Granny was giving her a bath, we were treated to her first on-demand performance.  She discovered that instead of just kicking with her legs, she could smack both legs into the water at once, while sweeping with her free arm.  Noticing that we found this really funny, she would kick for a bit, pause for us to laugh, then respond by laughing herself and repeating the action.  Such fun to see her suddenly become an active part of this world (although poor Granny got so wet, she needed to go and change everything she was wearing!)

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