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The day after

April 25, 2010

I’m travelling with just my iPhone so I’m trialling mobile posting for the first time, let’s hope it works!

Last night was an unreserved success. Crazy Granny was told she was going to a rather uninspiring show, but was asked to head to a bar to see a friend first. It took her a while to click that she knew everyone in the bar, but once she did she had a fab time. The cake also worked brilliantly; her friends are mainly artists and we were worried the unusual cake was going to be a little uncool but we needent have worried. The combination of the sneak attack nature of the cake and the fact that secretly we’re all 5 year olds who love bright coloured sweet things meant the cake was a crowd hit. I’ll post some photos when I get back to the computer as it’s been left with The Baron so we can Skype while we’re away.

The biggest hit of the day though had to be Lady G. Granny got to carry her around in the sling, and The Bee even obliged by falling asleep, her little red cheek resting on a very doting gran who couldn’t believe her luck. Not so bad being 60 apparently.

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