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Step away from the computer

May 5, 2010

My computer is my lifeline – through it I can keep connected with friends and family in other countries, work out what’s for dinner, get my shopping done and get instant answers to any baby-type questions I may have.  But I think when I start googling things like “Why does my baby shake her head like Stevie Wonder”, it might be time to reconsider whether I really need to know everything!  (This phrase generates 151,000 Google hits in case you were wondering).

The head shaking is apparently a developmental stage many babies pass around now (try it, it’s kind of fun!) and at week 26 she’s spot on for another stormy wonder week.  Naps have reverted back to 45 min cat naps, and she’s a little less chirpy as a result.  But I can that this disruption is signalling big changes ahead of us.  For example she’s started crawling backwards, and can push herself around the floor on her back like a small mechanic so motion in the forward sense is probably not far off.  I can feel a sharp ridge in her gum so her teeth are starting to push through now too – which would not be helping my mood any if I was her.  Thing change so fast, I struggle to keep up.

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