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Hummus a few bars

May 6, 2010

Lady G brought tears to my eyes today.  After a couple of weeks of listless licking at steamed sticks of carrot, pumpkin and the like, she finally worked out that food could taste good.  I’d never seen her get food before – but today she did.  The secret was a schmear of hummus on a rice cake, and it seemed that all her christmases had come at once.  She slurped and chewed and reached out her paw for more, which was just wonderful to see.  Odd, because it was quite heavy on the cumin and garlic, and not the sort of thing I would have thought she would have been into just yet, but just goes to show you.  She may not do that every time, but it was all the encouragement I needed to see that this BLW will eventually work.

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