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May 9, 2010

Lady G turned 6 months old yesterday, and while we celebrated with a cake from Brunetti, she has celebrated by perfecting her moonwalking.  She can now successfully crawl backwards off her play mat, and does so often.  Sometimes Mummy doesn’t realise she’s shifted off until heralded by the sound of small bare feet thumping themselves against the wooden floor, socks lost to the winds.  I’ve also had to stop leaving her in the centre of our queensize bed, as she can wriggle her way around that pretty well now too, and it would only be a matter of time before she decided to crowdsurf off the stage.

6 months!  It doesn’t sound that long, but it feels like a big milestone.  In that time she’s become a sunny happy little person with a determined personality, and I’m so looking forward to the next 6 months before I return to work (hush, won’t think about that now…)

At 6 months G is now:

  • Sitting up more or less by herself – she’s be doing this a whole lot better if it wasn’t for the fact that she insists on standing at every opportunity rather than sitting quietly on my lap.
  • Drinking coffee just like Mummy.  I love this – she doesn’t actually know why I put my keepcup to my mouth, but reaches out her hands for her ‘go’ at sucking on the rim.
  • Standing, standing standing!  She can’t balance herself yet, but is able to support her own weight perfectly well.  I think this is due to her diminuitive size – still weighing in at only 6.3kg, and I’m only just starting to put all of her 0000s into storage, she’s still fitting her 000s perfectly.  Bit of a lightweight it seems, but my Maternal Health Nurse reckons that smaller babies tend to more active.
  • Starting to feed herself although as I’ve said before, it’s more of a game than anything else at this point.
  • Offering Mummy and Daddy big sloppy open-mouthed kisses.  Yay!
  • Full of technojoy.  Anything flashy, or with buttons is facinating right now, and she reaches out to check my texts and emails on my iPhone whenever she can.  Or perhaps she’s wanting to update her Facebook status?

Today’s Mother’s Day here, and I’m going to spend the day having a massage followed by lunch with The Baron and The Bee and watching my recent obsession, live-stream foaling cams (gotta love the internet).  And most of all feeling very thankful and unbelievably lucky that this little girl is ours.

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  1. katery permalink
    May 10, 2010 11:53 am

    happy mother’s day 🙂

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