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Poised and ready for action

June 5, 2010

Another good food day here in the castle.  I made these goats cheese and spinach muffins yesterday (although I subbed silver beet and spring onion for the spinach) and I’m pleased to say there was actual noshing when she was handed one to play with.  Had a bit of a gagging episode when she tried a fingernail sized piece of salmon from my lunch, so I think we’ll take the fish and meat a little slower, although it was her first time, and she did a brilliant job clearing her mouth herself.  I think she was more surprised by the texture than anything.

And and and – we have teeth on the way!  Small red inflamed spots on her lower gum, and even a little blood when she was chewing on a spoon when we went out for a coffee today so I think they won’t be long in showing themselves off.  Great timing, as she and I are heading back to NZ tomorrow for the final time this year to hang out with the whanau again, and I reckon Granny will be pretty thrilled to see it happen.

If things go well we may even get a little crawling action this week too – she’s poised on knees and hands and has the rocking thing down – now all she needs to do is work out how to move them one at a time.  So exciting!

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