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6 days in a leaky boat

June 11, 2010

It’s times like this I’m reminded of why I moved away from Wellington – it’s been raining pretty solidly for the past week now, and G and I have been basically in a self-imposed quarantine while the winds howled and the rain beat down outside.  Despite this my poor bubba has caught her first cold, although luckily it’s been a very mild sneezy/coughy one.

It’s been a good week for other firsts though – those two bottom teeth came in with very little fuss at all, and she’s also said perhaps what could fondly be considered her first word – ‘bubba’.  She’s said this a couple of times in response to photos of herself – although to be fair she’s also been mouthing it regularly when she’s been playing so I don’t think it really counts.  (Who am I kidding – my child’s a genius!)

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