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Seventh heaven

June 19, 2010

Gosh these months are flying by – already 7 and I’ve missed it by another 10 days at least.  The days are filling up quickly now the Bee is getting busier and more interested in the world around her.  I have already realised that I can underestimate her ability to pick up new things – e.g. visiting with Roo’s Mamma I didn’t think she was capable of playing catch with a big ball, but she amazed me by quickly grasping the idea of catching the ball when it was rolled to her (although she was less keen on giving it up again once it wasn’t her turn!).  Sitting up is a big factor here – it’s making so much more possible for her.

And yes, this comes at a small price – she very clearly knows her own mind now, and the limitations of her tiny body frustrate her, so we’re starting to get lots of whining which is not my favourite thing.  But this too will pass, although probably around about the time she learns to complain using words instead!

So at 7 months Lady G is:

  • Saying ‘bubba’ whenever she sees her reflection in the mirror, or when she sees another little kid.  Sometimes it’s yelled, sometimes simply mouthed – but it’s always cool.
  • Getting used to her two new front teeth – all the better to bite you with Mummy!
  • An old hand at sitting, and starting to get better at transitioning between sitting and crawling.
  • Purring – or at least that what it sounds like.  Her raspberrying has developed a low melodic tone, but I guess that’s what happens when she grows up in a house with 4 cats.
  • Almost there with crawling.  She’s faster lying on her back (has this weird back bridge way of balancing on the top of her head and pushing with her feet – I call her The Mechanic).  Either way, it’s not safe to turn your back on her.
  • Bouncing, bouncing bouncing!  Loves to jump and be thrown in the air.  Luckily my bubba’s still only 7 or 8 kg, but it’s doing wonders for my arms.
  • Smiling.  Have I mentioned she’s a smiley girl?

Check out my new toothypegs!

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  1. michelehaytko permalink
    June 22, 2010 3:50 am

    She’s gorgeous!

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