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Creepy is…

July 2, 2010

I’m still breastfeeding Lady G at 8 months, and have no plans to stop until either she gives it up herself, she is supplanted by a younger sibling, or she gets to the point (as I did) where she is able to unbutton my shirt herself.  I don’t think this is unusual, or laudable, and I was surprised to be congratulated by a lady in a shop today for still feeding her.

I try not to be judgemental about the reasons people don’t breastfeed.  I know it was hard enough for me at the beginning, and it would have been very easy to give up – and I was blessed with a good supply and a great lac consultant.  Other women struggle around working hours, low supply, latching problems and for many other reasons.

But I have to admit the news report about Kathryn Blundell, deputy editor of the UK’s Mother & Baby, and her decision to forgo nursing in favour of fomula has made me a just a teensy wee bit judgey:

“They’re part of my sexuality, too – not just breasts, but fun bags. And when you have that attitude (and I admit I made no attempt to change it), seeing your teeny, tiny, innocent baby latching on where only a lover has been before feels, well, a little creepy…I often wonder whether many of these women, like me, just couldn’t be fagged [did not want to make the effort] or felt like getting tipsy once in a while”.

Now I don’t want to come across as a breastfeeding nazi, but please.  Surely the unequivocal point is that breast is best, if you can?  Ideally you try – and if you can, great.  And if you can’t, there are wonderful formulas out there which are pretty much as good as the real thing, and there should be no guilt for choosing that route.

But to simply not want to give it a go for your own benefit rather than the baby? Plenty of women manage to have sex while feeding (although hopefully not at the same time!) And most of the women in my mothers group plan a little ahead for a big night, stockpile up and then pump and dump.  It’s possible if you think it’s worth the trouble.  Unless, that is, you can’t be fagged.

And besides, who calls them fun bags besides 15 year old boys?  Still, a great way to sell magazines – fun bags always get the press.

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