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A testing month

July 12, 2010

Her 8th month has been a big month for Lady G – and probably the most difficult one for her Mamma since she was born.  She’s fighting her way out of her little chrysalis to become a person in her own right, and thus is firming establishing what she does and doesn’t like the only way she knows how – with squawks and pursed lips and back arching…  And her sleep is still disturbed, which means I’m finding the days harder to get through with a very active baby to mind.  And yet when she’s sunny, she’s the sunniest Bee ever, and when she grabs my face between her paws and comes in for a huggle – oh, I’m a lucky lady.

What will I remember about this month?

  • How fast she learnt to crawl – from upward dog pose to crawling in 3 weeks.  She’s making similar progress with standing – already she can pull herself up to standing beside the sofa, the coffee table, or my legs.
  • Demonstrably getting a hang of language – she can recognise the baby sign language for ‘milk’, ‘up’ and ‘bath’, and has started turning to look for people when I ask ‘Where’s Dada”, or “Where’s bubba?”
  • The dark hours of the night when she wakes howling those deep heaving sobs, which not even a hug from Mum can stop.  The only thing that seems to work is a visit to see the brass doornob on the hall door which facinates her for some reason.
  • Slow slow slow progress on food – while she’ll taste anything, I doubt much gets swallowed.  A visit to the Maternal Health Nurse today confirmed it – she’s dropped a percentile in weight and length, and I’ve been sent home with a variety of things to try to get her eating a little more.  Now I feel like a crap Mum, who’s been letting her baby down.

OK, pity party over, since I’m going to have a lot more frustration and stress in the future – just remind me of this when she’s 16 and I have no idea what she’s up to!!

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  1. July 13, 2010 8:53 pm

    Typing with one hand-

    we were told that bursts in development – like suddenly crawling a lot more – will burn more calories. So weight loss (rather, slowing in gaining which translates to a drop on the charts) is normal at points.

    Milk still has more calories than most solids and till age one is primary food source.

    And …what else. Oh yeah, full fat stuff all the way is appropriate for bubs. I also used avocados a lot when mine slowed in gaining for a bit as they are full of iron and good fats but also high in calories.

    All this advice served us well, if only to provide reassurance, so I’m passing it on.

    Also? I love the doorknob thing. A lot.

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