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Don’t want no trouble occifer

August 2, 2010

I rang our FS’s rooms today to book in to see him to run a fresh set of tests on us both to see whether anything has changed, and to tee up our first TTC#2 cycle (planning on one sometime before the end of the year). One benefit of living in Australia is that this is pretty easy – we’re booked in to see him on August 13th, basically no wait at all.

However, as of 1 Jan new regulations mean we need to complete (and pay for) a National Police Record Check and Child Protection Order Check before starting IVF again. In case having a baby the IVF way wasn’t insult enough ($$$ and dildocam anyone??), now we have to prove we’ll be suitable parents.

And because I’ve lived overseas in a couple of countries for over 12 months in the past 10 years, I need to apply for and receive completed police checks from Australia, New Zealand and the UK before our treatment can start. How hard can that be? Glad we started the process early.

I appreciate that we’d all like to avoid kids growing up in homes where they may be in danger, but no-one out there having a baby the traditional way is getting judged like that without cause. I don’t know why, but this makes me more mad than having to undergo the treatment itself.

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