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Miss G has two daddies

August 11, 2010

Lady G can say (to the ears of her doting parents anyway) 4 words; bubba (any small child), cat (any small animal), mamma (custard) and dadda (indiscriminately The Baron or me).  She can also shake her head ‘nuh-huh’ – which is generally her response when I remind her that I am in fact Mamma.

Other than that, communication is via baby sign language.  She can respond to words like milk, up, bath and all done, and I’m working on more, down and change.  I know my decision to try a little sign language was met with veiled sceptisism, but it does make things easier right now at a time when she knows exactly what she wants, but just can’t tell me.  I’m still having to guess at the moment since she can’t sign back, but now her hand control is improving this shouldn’t be long.  For instance she’s started to try to wave and point, although clapping is beyond her at this point.

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