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A pox on our house?

August 17, 2010

One of the babies from mums’ group has come down with chicken pox over the weekend, and Lady G was exposed to her last Thursday, so the likelihood that she’s going to get it is pretty high.  Oh joy.

I had chicken pox in my 20s and it was just awful and I’ve read that it’s better to get it while you’re little as it tends to be a lot milder.  I’m in two minds about this; it’s great that she might get this over and done with while she’s little and I’ll be around for the week, but it also feels very odd wishing an illness on your child!

In the meantime, we’re both lepers – at least for the next 3 weeks until we get the all clear.  My friends with kids don’t want to see us because they want to avoid getting it passed on, and I don’t feel comfortable putting her into the gym creche or going to the movies since I don’t know when she’ll be contagious.  I can feel the cabin fever setting in already!

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