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Not the 9 o’clock news

August 27, 2010
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There have been a couple of incidents involving prams and trains here recently (babies who have luckily surviving rolling off platforms in front of moving trains). Despite taking care to use my wrist strap and brake, we ended up having a rather freak accident today, although luckily nothing that would have made the evening news.

We were on the way to catch up with some other new mums from work, when somehow as I pushed our pram off the train I managed to bump the front of the pram against the edge of the platform.  This must have knocked the wheel release button on each side, because the front wheels dropped down onto the tracks.  It took me a moment to work out what had happened – all I knew was that the pram would not roll forward!  Points off for a significant design flaw Baby Jogger – perhaps the release should be on the side instead?

A kind man jumped off with us and went to get the station attendant – who waited until the coast was clear and retrieved our wheels.  All safe, all sound, and we went on our way.  The Bee was never in any danger, but it just goes to show how even when taking the greatest of care the unexpected can happen.

To reward G for remaining calm under pressure, she was rewarded with her very first babyccino, replete with hundreds and thousands and a marshmallow which she wasn’t allowed (and I won’t eat because of the gelatine – oh well!)  She made a right mess of herself of course – she still ‘chews’ at glasses rather than sipping – but that’s what napisan is for, right?

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