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August 29, 2010

Something’s up with The Bee, although I haven’t worked out whether it’s teething  (she has a whole load of gnashers up top about to erupt) or the week 42 wonder week, but she has fought every nap this week with a vengance, sleeping no longer than 45 minutes at any stretch when she’d gotten into a great habit of 2x 1.5 hour sleeps a day.

But it really hit last night, when it took 3 hours to get to sleep at bedtime.  3 hours…  I tried everything – settling, rocking, burping, feeding, patting – even tried in vain to reintroduce the dummy I took away at 4 months.

Finally we brought her into the lounge where she watched Monsters Inc and chewed thoughtfully on a corner of the spinach and ricotta parcel we were eating for dinner.  She finally admitted defeat sometime before 10 when I playacted the going to bed ritual of book/feed/burp again, making it through until just before 6 when I dosed her with baby Nurofen and fed her again to see if I could get a couple of extra hours into her.

So she’s been a grizzly joy today, but after a good afternoon nap she went down this evening without a peep.  And I thought this job was getting monotonous…

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