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What a difference 2 years makes

August 30, 2010

We met with our fertility specialist today to talk about commencing IVF for baby #2, and I have to say it was really cool to take The Bee in to introduce her to the team who helped make her in the first place.

It’s been 2 years exactly since we first met our FS, and it was a miles better experience today – the pragmatic planning of when and how to start our next cycle felt normal and exciting, rather than the tense and too-scared-to-hope attitude we had the last time around.

He’d like to try a different regime with me this time around – a 1 month antagonist cycle + ICSI, rather than the 2 month one and time on the pill.  I don’t know much about this, but he thinks it would be good since my cycles are already regular, and they have been getting consistently good results this way.

I guess you never know though – The Baron fairly strutted out of the appointment with the news that in the past 2 years his semen analysis has seen the numbers change significantly in our favour.  Sperm count has increased to almost 20 million from 2 million, and the mobility has much improved as well.  Morphology is still lower than ideal (7%) – but these results are enough to give us a little hope that we could conceive naturally this time around.  Not sure what’s caused the improvement – he’s cut out a lot of beer and has been exercising again, but surely it can’t be that simple?

That would be ideal – the downside of commencing treatment is that I would need to stop breastfeeding The Bee – which I hadn’t realised.  I thought weaning would only be necessary to get my menstrual cycle going – but apparently the prolactin released when feeding can play around with hormones and affect the success of a cycle.

So rather than fitting in 2 cycles this year like I was thinking about (Oct and Dec), we might instead try one in Nov/Dec or even delay until next year so that I can feed her for at least a full year.  I know that formula is all well and good, but I’d rather give her all the benefits of breast milk for as long as I can, rather than compromise her for the sake of a sibling.  Or am I being too negative about formula?  After all, lots of babies thrive on it, and she’s been fed for the most critical first 6 months or so.  I have to confess – the thought of not having to pump at work is kind of appealing…  So something to think about.

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  1. katery permalink
    August 30, 2010 11:48 pm

    wow, so was it were there other women in the waiting room when you went to see your re? the thought of bringing louise with me to re appts is giving me anxiety because i know there will be women who want just one of what i have, but it’s inevitable, she will have to come with me to some appts.
    the breastfeeding thing will most certainly be a hard decision, louise is formula fed but i understand the benefits of breastfeeding.

  2. The Barreness permalink*
    September 1, 2010 12:05 pm

    Nope – we were the only ones there. It was something I was concerned about and when I made the appointment I asked if it was OK to bring her but the receptionist was more than OK with it (and when we visited there was a toy box) – so I guess it happens. I remember visiting him before we had G and seeing little kids there – I kind of liked it. Felt like proof this guy knew what he was doing!

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