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Ten Fold

September 16, 2010

Bubba G is 10 months old now, and fairly brimming with the possibility of the toddler she is shortly to become.  We’re on walking watch now – a couple of times she’s pushed herself away from the coffee table or the TV and hovered in mid air, or taken a couple of ‘falling’ steps as she reaches out for one of us, so it’s probably not long now.

One of the mums in my group described her the other day as ‘always curious, and always happy’ which is a perfect description.  She is fascinated with the rhythm of life, watching interactions and people with great interest and obvious enjoyment.  She’s a real flirt – every time I take her out she manages to make eye contact with someone and start her snakecharmer act, hypnotizing them with her beaming smile and 4 shiny teeth.

This month she finally started clapping and giving high fives, after months of me rehearsing it with her in bed each morning.  The penny also seems to have dropped on food – this week in particular she’s shown real interest in what I’m eating and wants to try everything – the other day eating her way through her pasta, then my egg, pesto mushrooms, toast and tomato.  This is a bit of a relief – it means when she’s not interested in food I know it’s because she’s not hungry, so my need to press her to ‘just try this mouthful’ has gone – probably meaning meals are becoming more fun and less stressful for her too.

She’s also forming a strong bond with one of our cats – Mr Milo has taken a real shine to her and loves head butting her and wheedling around her looking for a pat.  She’s great at reaching out and giving gentle little strokes, with no grabbing (we joke that if she did, Milo’s the perfect starter cat, since he lost his tail in a car accident at 10 months – nothing to pull here!).

Hark – baby’s just woken after a 2 1/2 hour nap (didn’t want her morning nap so this is her 1 nap today) – might go see if she’s in the mood for some minestrone.

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  1. September 16, 2010 8:04 pm

    Oh, she is so lovely! And looking like a real little girl rather than a baby. Wow.

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