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Mamma tiger

December 15, 2010

Out for coffee with my bubba this morning and I’m proudly watching her strut up and down the footpath outside the cafe, as a little boy about 3 or 4 years old came up to her.  Aw, I think, waiting for the mutual delight in each other to hit as it does with all kids at this age.  What I didn’t expect was for him to instead hit her in the chest, bowling her over backwards and knocking her head against the concrete.  I believe they could have heard my howl of rage streets away as I leapt up and scooped my baby up waiting for her inevitable screams to begin.  But thank goodness she seemed confused but unhurt and didn’t make a sound.  My poor little Bee was probably still trying to work out why this very strange person hadn’t immediately fallen in love with her like everyone else she meets.

In the end, the important thing was that she was fine and the other mother came out and made her son apologise.  But gosh it’s tough seeing someone be mean to your kid!  This is only the first of many incidents like this in her life, but it makes me worry about all of them that I won’t be around to protect her from.  (Oh, how very helicopter parent of me!)

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