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So long, farewell

January 20, 2011

As sad as it makes us, we have had to tell Mary Poppins that due to schedules (her sudden decision to return to uni on days we need to work which also affects her ability to go to 3 days later in the year) we’ve decided we need to change nannies.  This is a real pity since the girls have become very fond of her, but if we did keep her on, we’d still have to introduce an additional nanny on 1-2 days a week and we just think that will be very disruptive.  So, on with the search for a new fraulein to mind our kidlets.

Lady G and I headed to child care this morning to do a little orientation, which didn’t go crazy well – she didn’t want to sleep there and got very distressed at me trying to encourage it, and was overtired when I left her there for an hour and they had to call me back to come get her.  We’ll try again tomorrow and see if she’s a little more used to it – otherwise we’ve got a week or two more to play with.  I know these things can take a month or more to work out, but all in all a little frustrating.

Frustrating is also the word for the two other things which are looming large in her life right now; all four first molars are surfacing turning her into a screaming meanie for good sections of the day (poor bub, not easy being one!) and her mean mamma is trying to take away her evening milk feed and SHE DOES NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT.

We’ve been really successful with dropping the morning feed, and I thought the evening one would need only a little more effort, but she’s really resisting it regardless of how much milk I get her to drink in the hour leading up to bedtime.  So, I’m going to call our FS tomorrow to see how much impact he thinks a 5-7 minute feed once a day would have on our upcoming cycle.

Despite seeing some encouraging stuff on the web (I’m regularly ovulating, feeding only briefly and it’s a male factor issue) I suspect he’s going to recommend we delay the next cycle until she’s completely weaned.  So, at CD 15 today I think we might be out of luck for a Feb cycle, and will be looking at March instead.  This is kind of a pain as I don’t really want to be heavily pregnant over summer (Dec-Mar), which means we will have to then have a long gap before trying again if our first stim cycle doesn’t work (we have no frosties and so are starting from scratch).

I’m trying to be positive about that (cycle 1 could work, or if not it gives us time to add to our savings) but I think once you set your mind to having to do IVF you just want to get on with it and get it over and done with.  It’s the thinking and apprehension which is the worst part.

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  1. January 21, 2011 1:02 am

    I hate the planning that goes into it all. I turned to H this cycle and asked if we should skip it because we have a wedding to go to in October but then we’d only have one (maybe 2) more cycles until my self imposed break – I don’t want to be heavily pregnant over summer again expecially if I have HG again next time and I don’t really want the babies to have the same birth month.

    I hate that everything is such a big deal, that every action has to be thought through and discussed and I hate the wondering.

    you might be ok to go this cycle, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Suzanne permalink
    January 22, 2011 5:36 am

    Our doc insisted on complete weaning and a return of normal cycles before proceeding with Round 2 (which we’ll be starting next month). It was frustrating because I wasn’t as ready as I thought I’d be to wean my little guy, and we’ve had to bump our appointment twice as a result. The planning and the apprehension are definitely the worst. It must be so nice just to discover you’re pregnant out of the blue…

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