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And away we go

February 2, 2011

CD1 today, and while it was a couple of days late, more than likely just a later ovulation than usual.  So here we go.

I’m starting start the antagonist protocol tomorrow.  I did a down-reg last time so this is new for me, but my FS has recommended it as a much quicker option which should produce a haul of good quality eggs (although not necessarily heaps more than last time)  In summary:

  • Day 1 (today) nothing
  • Day 2-6 PM shot of 300iu Puregon (I was on 100iu last time which was a cautious dose given my poycystic ovaries, and we only got 4 eggs, and a whole lot of immature follies.  He’s trying to get a few more out of me this time so we have some to freeze).
  • Day 6-9 AM shot of orgalutran, PM shot of Puregon
  • Day 9 ultrasound to check progress  depending on that probably 2-4 days more of the same with maybe 1 more ultrasound
  • Day 13ish, trigger shot 38 hours before pickup
  • Day 14ish PM shot of Puregon (I think, I’ll find out later)
  • Day 15ish AM egg collection under light general, wake to find out how many we got
  • Day 16 Find out how many were fertilised
  • Day 20ish transfer of (hopefully!) 1 A grade 5 day embie, and a few to freeze

16 days post egg collection blood test to confirm pos or negative result.  So basically in a month we’ll know where we are.

The good things about this new protocol are that there is no Synarel (yay!) which wasn’t awful, but made me feel a bit off last time.  It’s a hella quicker, which I much prefer, and the trigger shot is premixed and ready to fire, rather than the complicated glass ampule arrangement from last time which freaked me out.

In case it’s helpful to know, the total cost $7,998.75, less Medicare rebate of $4,992.75, so out of pocket $3,006, plus any day theatre costs etc which not covered by my health insurance.

I’d love to think we’d be as lucky first time around like last time, but while the success rates for 30-34yrs was over 45%, I’m now in the 35-39yrs bracket (although at the very low end!) with the pregnancy rate closer to 35% so we are preparing for this to take a few gos.  Goal of this cycle is 1 good embie plus a couple to freeze.


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  1. February 2, 2011 11:46 pm

    that’s around the cost of a cycle for me too, a little less, I think we’d be out of pocket 2.5k but day surgery is covered by PHI (after April this year).

    I really hope this is a short journey for you 🙂

  2. Suzanne permalink
    February 7, 2011 11:28 am

    Good luck! I hope it all goes well for you and wish you few side effects and many excellent embies!

    P.S. Over here there was no general anesthetic for the retrieval – I got something similar to valium, which did very little to help. For those of you that wonder, having eggs retrieved from your ovaries hurts a helluva lot! It would have been nice to have been unconscious at the time…

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