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Something’s jumping in my shirt

February 8, 2011

Definitely more side effects this time around, thanks to the Puregon which is 3x the dose I took last time.  I’ve been taking the Orgalutran (or orangutan as Roo’s Mama calls it!) for 2 days now too, and I’m already bloated and can feel my ovaries bouncing around, which I don’t remember until just before egg collection the last time.  I’m also very tired, but that could be due to the hours I’ve been working.  I worked 6 days (and got paid for 4 of them…), including a trip to Sydney in 36 degree weather to do an all day video shoot and an 8am-10pm conference.

So reminding myself that home is more important that work, I’m going to push back on work a little and restate my boundaries, both for my own benefit while I’m doing the treatment, and also for my little girl who has not seen as much of me this week as I really think she deserves.

Mary Poppins also leaves us this week, and we will be joined instead by Mother Abbess.  She’s older, has grown kids of her own and has been working in a childcare centre for the last 3 years but really wants more one on one time with really little kids.  Both T and I felt really comfortable with her and she’s very flexible with working hours which is the reason we are losing Mary who’s heading back to uni.

Next update will be on Thursday when I have my first blood test and dildocam to see how those follies are progressing.  I’m hoping we’ll be cleared for egg collection Monday/Tuesday, but will have to wait and see.

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  1. February 9, 2011 4:57 pm

    good luck for tomorrow.

    so glad you found a nanny you’re really comfortable with to replace MP, sounds like she mght be a better fit for you too!

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