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Making lemonade

February 18, 2011

The nurse called to confirm that our 5 cell embie has arrested, and that’s not going any further.  It seems as if the 6 cell is still dividing, but it’s only 8 cells today, where it should really be in the 16-32 cell range, so in her words, it’s not looking good.  So we are expecting that our next cycle will be another fresh stim cycle (yep, another $3,000).

The bummer is (and I will need to confirm this with our FS) that they don’t let you do back to back stim cycles, and we will be pressured into taking at least a month off before trying again.  Just how much they can pressure you I’m not sure – I would have assumed they can make a recommendation, but if we’re prepared to go ahead can they stop us?  I found the stim a breeze and didn’t seem to have any side effects from the drugs, so would be more than happy to do a repeat next month.

I’m particularly keen on that because it would be our last chance at a 2011 baby and besides avoiding being heavily pregnant over summer, there are financial benefits in doing the IVF and giving birth in the same calendar year.  (I know, we really should be grateful to have another one whenever, but when you’re forced to schedule things, why not make lemonade?)

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  1. February 18, 2011 11:36 pm

    hon, I’m sorry… Keeping your little one in my prayers and hoping he/she keeps dividing!

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