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Back in the lucky country

April 7, 2011

We returned from our holiday in New Zealand last night.  I say holiday, but in reality when you’re a parent there’s no such thing as really having time off!  Still, it was good to be out of the office.

The Bee was great on the plane; I packed a backpack full of activities, but she was happy enough gurning at the people around us and in general it was pretty relaxed.  Even with a cold she managed the take offs and landings with just a box of raisins to distract her.

A longer than usual cycle meant I got my period while we were away, but the stars had aligned to see Orgalutran back in stock, so I was able to collect my drugs before we left, so I’m CD6 today and started my Orgalutran this morning with an ultrasound scheduled for next Monday.  I can already feel my ovaries bouncing around, so the upped dosage of Puregon to 350iu seems to be working already – oh joy!  Ah well, will all be over next week, which is the great thing about antagonist cycles.

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  1. April 10, 2011 9:33 pm

    welcome back. hope all is going well so far

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