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European night in

May 14, 2011

A night in watching Eurovision (downside of living with an Italian); in honour of which we cooked up a French onion soup  Thank goodness for the Cuisinart as I hadn’t got it in me to slice a kilo of onions by hand.

Earlier in the evening Lady G and I cooked up some naturally dyed playdough, trialling the yellow tumeric and pink berry versions.  Works really well, although perhaps it was a mistake to do this at dinner time.  The supposedly too-salty-to-eat dough is apparently really tasty, regardless of what shape Mamma crafts it into.  Glad we went with the non-toxic all natural version!  I bought a set of stamps and rollers at Mothercare today thinking that as Miss N is away with her parents in Vietnam and Cambodia for a couple of weeks, that The Bee and her nanny can be treated to something a little more messy to play with.

Did I mention the beta results?  5500 at 19dp5dt which seems pretty good according to Betabase (less than The Bee at about the same point, but I’m sure that’s not significant.  Now at 6 weeks I’m feeling more tired that usual, but otherwise good so really hoping I will be as lucky as last time to avoid morning sickness.  And really there’s nothing much to do from here on in.  We don’t need to buy anything since we didn’t find out the sex so have 6 months of neutral baby clothes and a set of cloth nappies.   All my maternity gear is from the same season so ready to go as soon as my tummy is.

The only project I have in mind in starting to toilet train.  For the last 2 months G has been coming to tell us when she needs a nappy change (she either signs or she leads us by the hand to the change table), and regularly keeps us company on her potty when we are in the bathroom.  The nanny also mentioned that she’s going much longer periods between wet nappies too, so all signs are pointing to yes that we can gently start prompting her in that direction.

Only I don’t really know how?  Should I be waiting until she starts to tell me she needs to go?  Or trying some nappy off time on the potty?  Seems a little cold for that, so I don’t know whether it’s worth waiting until spring to kick things off.  I’ve bought some lined training pants figuring they would be useful not not sure what to do next – any hints anyone has would be great.

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  1. May 16, 2011 1:51 am

    my sister was told not to tt her son during winter, that it is easier in warmer weather as they can run around the house in just jocks (or knickers) making it easier and quicker for them to get to the toilet – having to take off layers while training just does not work and having accidents while trying to take off clothes on a regular basis can actually set them back.

    • The Barreness permalink*
      May 21, 2011 3:41 pm

      I think your sister is right about not doing the TT 100%. I found this helpful page on Dr Sears’s site which explains how we should start teaching her first about identifying the feeling of needing to go, rather than the feeling of having gone, which we will do by prompting with a baby sign language sign when she does her needing to go tells. Ideally we can get this happening over winter, and then get more into the practice than the theory once the warmer weather comes and it’s easier to access the bits. Certainly she’s very excited about the concept so feel it’s good to move things forward with her, even if we’re not putting it all into practice just yet.

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