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July 5, 2011

A fun evening tonight, bemusing The Bee with YouTube videos of The Muppets.  Singing penguins, chickens, Beaker and the Swedish Chef; I don’t think she knew what hit her, apparently removing her ability to blink.

So she’s hale and hearty although seeming to consist on nothing but air and giggles right now.  From what I’ve read lots of tots hit a fussy food stage around 20 months.  We’ve shifted her bedtime an hour later to allow her to have dinner with us (and to get her to sleep a little later in the morning, Mamma was not enjoying her 5.45am wakeup calls) and she’s definitely enjoying sitting up with us at the table and chatting away about the day, but it’s not increased her food consumption to any great degree.

What does seem to be working nicely is the toilet training.  On my Mum’s recommendation I bought her a seat insert for the toilet, and after a couple of days she began to request to sit on it, and now a couple of times a day will ask to use it (using a sign) and will pee.  She’s even asked for it when we were out shopping and was happy for me to hold her above the adult toilet while she did her business.  So I’m relatively confident that we should have her mostly toilet trained by the time Io shows up in 6 months, particularly when we have a few months of warmer weather which will allow us to do some nappy off time.  Wouldn’t that be great; only one in nappies at a time!  Which would mean I wouldn’t have to buy any more cloth nappies, even better.

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