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I’m back!

September 30, 2011

One of The Bee’s favourite things these days is to do her version of the old Sesame Street near…far….near…far as she runs the length of the house and back again (I’m back!).  And so am I, after neglecting this blog shamefully.  Excuses, I’ve had a few – we went away on our trip to Vanuatu (blissful), have been very busy at work (stressful) and have had 2 follow up scans on Io which have given us the all clear (wonderful).

So we’re 6 months along today, and things are going well – the heartburn I suffered from dreadfully last time is much more mild this time and other than feeling rather breathless at times, it feels good to be in the home stretch.

The Bee is also progressing well – some little switch in her brain has recently gone off and she’s become a real chatterbox, copying every word we say like a parrot and introducing a lot of her own which we had no idea she knew.

She’s also showing a lot of interest in the new baby, giving my tummy lots of hugs and kisses and talking about it quite a bit.  Miss N’s new baby brother showed up a few weeks ago and I think that’s been really fascinating to her and perhaps making her really aware of what is about to happen.  If only I was – still panicking at the thought of 2, although Miss N’s mum seems to be taking it all in her stride which is encouraging.  3 others from my mums group have also recently announced pregnancies, so I won’t be left to bumble though this alone!

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  1. katery permalink
    October 1, 2011 4:41 am

    well i’m glad everything’s ok, i was a little worried about you! love the near/far thing, louise likes to walk backwards sometimes, it’s so funny to see the look of concentration on her face when she does it 🙂

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