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Vizzini says go back to the beginning

October 25, 2011

We had a fun week recently when Lady G’s 7 month old cousin Pugs came for a visit.  Just learning to crawl and having a whale of a time with baby led weaning, The Bee found her endlessly fascinating and even now, a few weeks later we often have a conversation about whether Pugs is hungry, sleeping or where she is.

It seems her legacy left an impact on G’s sleep as well – for almost 2 weeks she refused to settle to sleep easily, requiring up to an hour and a half settling  – combined with a new penchance for ‘encores’ (more milk, want to be changed, Mummy cuddle, pee in toilet) I was beginning to feel a little out of my depth.  In talking about it with other mums, seems as if this is not uncommon around about 2 years, which is only slightly reassuring.

So, back to the beginning – we returned to the routine of settling we did at around 7 months from Sleep Right Sleep Tight, only with the 12mo+ modifications around spending less time in the room (30s -1 min rather than up to 10).  Within 3 days we seem to be back to normal which is a real relief! With 10 weeks to go until the baby arrives, I need all the sleep and peace I can get.

In case you haven’t come across Redbook’s Truth about Trying campaign, it includes a set of videos from celebrities and other people talking about their own infertility experience – the intent being to remove any shame someone might feel.  Personally shame was never an emotion I felt about our experience but I found it really valuable to feel part of a community, so I appreciate that part of their campaign.

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  1. October 27, 2011 6:52 pm

    Sorry to hear the sleep issues continued after we left. Good to go through it now and get it sorted before Io comes along though? We had one spectacular week of sleeping through when we got home, then the Pugs came down with a bout of teething/gastroenteritis/learning to stand up and now all bets are off!

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