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About The Barreness

I want to travel the world, and have an important job, where good things happen.  Still trying to work out what that might be.  In the meantime, I live and work in Melbourne with The Baron, 4 feline Von Trapps, and our new baby Lady G, and travel whenever I get the chance.

I’ve always been someone who will cry at sad movies, but will want to change the tyre myself.  And that’s probably what I have found the hardest thing about our infertility experience – while it’s pretty much out of my control, our ‘failure’ to achieve this rather simple task naturally is something that I feel keenly.  I had a plan to have the first of my three babies at 32.  Now, given my age (35 this year) and the practicalities of ICSI treatment, we still talk in ‘hopefully, we might, if we’re lucky, perhaps’ terms about giving our bee a sibling.

I’m writing this blog to come to terms with the emotional impact of the AC process.  We’ve been so incredibly lucky – I know that not everyone has the success we’ve had.  I hope to show my child one day how much she was wanted – and if things don’t go as planned with any more babies, I hope I come to accept that that life will be as rich with just the 3 of us (and our 4 fuzzies of course!).

After all, as someone once said, “Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.  The race is long.  And in the end, it’s only with yourself.”

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