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I’m back!

September 30, 2011

One of The Bee’s favourite things these days is to do her version of the old Sesame Street near…far….near…far as she runs the length of the house and back again (I’m back!).  And so am I, after neglecting this blog shamefully.  Excuses, I’ve had a few – we went away on our trip to Vanuatu (blissful), have been very busy at work (stressful) and have had 2 follow up scans on Io which have given us the all clear (wonderful).

So we’re 6 months along today, and things are going well – the heartburn I suffered from dreadfully last time is much more mild this time and other than feeling rather breathless at times, it feels good to be in the home stretch.

The Bee is also progressing well – some little switch in her brain has recently gone off and she’s become a real chatterbox, copying every word we say like a parrot and introducing a lot of her own which we had no idea she knew.

She’s also showing a lot of interest in the new baby, giving my tummy lots of hugs and kisses and talking about it quite a bit.  Miss N’s new baby brother showed up a few weeks ago and I think that’s been really fascinating to her and perhaps making her really aware of what is about to happen.  If only I was – still panicking at the thought of 2, although Miss N’s mum seems to be taking it all in her stride which is encouraging.  3 others from my mums group have also recently announced pregnancies, so I won’t be left to bumble though this alone!


Half baked

August 18, 2011

20 week scan today, and I was all prepared to hear the wonderful words I heard with Lady G “perfectly normal’.  It seems we have to wait a few weeks to hopefully hear that.  Io was apparently uncooperative during the scan and the sonographer wasn’t able to see the heart clearly – what presented appeared to be an enlarged ventricle, and he couldn’t jog the baby to get a better view to see whether this was really the case or not.

So we’re scheduled in for another scan in 3 weeks, when the heart should be bigger and easier to see.  Both the sonographer and our Ob have told us not to worry, and I guess the fact that we’ve not been referred to a specialist or requiring a special scan suggests that it’s likely to be nothing.  Luckily there seems to be very little info when I google, which is preventing me from fearing the worst!  Otherwise, all appeared to be good – and now we wait.

(Nine, as usual, nyet to The Units until we know for sure what we’re dealing with.)

Are you there?

July 25, 2011

I think I felt Io today; at 16.5 weeks it’s about the right time.  I admit it will be reassuring when the movement gets more regular and identifiable since it makes it easier to know everything is going OK in there.  I had my 16 week checkup last week and they couldn’t find the heartbeat with the external monitor.  Apparently not surprising this early, but I was relieved when Io showed up nice and strong and moving with a good heartbeat on the ultrasound they did afterwards.

I’m also beginning to get very nervous at the thought of looking after the 2 kids by myself.  Lady G is into running away at the moment, unabashed by traffic or losing me in a crowd and I worry how I will cope if she does that while I’m distracted or busy with the baby.  Recommendations from people with experience vary from keeping the baby in a sling all the time (likely) to never leaving the house (less appealing).  Fingers crossed 6 months will make a big difference to G’s ability to listen to commands (and obey!!)


July 5, 2011

A fun evening tonight, bemusing The Bee with YouTube videos of The Muppets.  Singing penguins, chickens, Beaker and the Swedish Chef; I don’t think she knew what hit her, apparently removing her ability to blink.

So she’s hale and hearty although seeming to consist on nothing but air and giggles right now.  From what I’ve read lots of tots hit a fussy food stage around 20 months.  We’ve shifted her bedtime an hour later to allow her to have dinner with us (and to get her to sleep a little later in the morning, Mamma was not enjoying her 5.45am wakeup calls) and she’s definitely enjoying sitting up with us at the table and chatting away about the day, but it’s not increased her food consumption to any great degree.

What does seem to be working nicely is the toilet training.  On my Mum’s recommendation I bought her a seat insert for the toilet, and after a couple of days she began to request to sit on it, and now a couple of times a day will ask to use it (using a sign) and will pee.  She’s even asked for it when we were out shopping and was happy for me to hold her above the adult toilet while she did her business.  So I’m relatively confident that we should have her mostly toilet trained by the time Io shows up in 6 months, particularly when we have a few months of warmer weather which will allow us to do some nappy off time.  Wouldn’t that be great; only one in nappies at a time!  Which would mean I wouldn’t have to buy any more cloth nappies, even better.

End of stage 1

June 23, 2011

We had our 12 weeks scan this week which went pretty well; I’m still not absolutely happy about the Down’s Syndrome risk level we got of 1:1200 (I was spoilt by pregnancy #1 which was 1:7500), but my Ob has reassured me that that’s still very good for my age, and with a visible nasal bone and nuchal translucency of 1.2mm that things are absolutely fine.  I’m sure he’s right, but I do wish it was a little higher so that it would be clearly nothing to worry about.

I’m also apparently very low on Vit D – victim of wearing sunscreen every day and never getting out of the office during the day for even a few minutes.  But other than that things are going well, and now I just have to find the right time to mention it to my boss.

I headed back to work full time a couple of weeks ago (figuring that I was almost working full time and might as well be paid for it), and also knowing that getting maternity pay at my full salary would make a significant difference next year.  I have Lady G at home with me that day so I am exhausted by the end of it, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

We’re also hopefully booking ourselves a week away in Vanuatu in September; initially I was thinking we had spent too much on IVF to consider it, but my salary going up 20% and the knowledge that it will get so much more expensive to travel once The Bee is 2 in November means we are going to book it and just focus on enjoying ourselves.

The Bee is going well and is slowly adding words to her vocabulary – beans, aqua, mess and rice are the new words this week and it’s lovely to hear her voice, I can’t wait until she starts really chatting away.  That’s one of the benefits of having #2 quickly – I will get another year off with The Bee while she’s still small and learning so much, and I’m really looking forward to that.

Here horsey…

June 9, 2011
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Seriously, I could eat a horse.  I have had this unrelenting ravenous hunger today – I’m hungry while eating, after eating – in fact the eating doesn’t seem to make any difference at all. I’ve eaten basically double my normal food intake today and still I’m sitting here pondering what else is in the kitchen to chow on. Is this normal?  I don’t remember it from last time.  Doesn’t help that I am watching the Nigella Lawson episode of Masterchef which is now making me crave chocolate cake…

May 21, 2011

Off topic, but here’s an amusing article from my more famous namesake entitled “I regret to inform you that my wedding to Captain Von Trapp has been cancelled.”  I love the movie, but always secretly felt the Captain ended up with a far less fabulous woman (especially in real life – the movies really do take poetic licence!)